Bob was bitten on his finger by one of our small dogs. The cut was deep and an inch long. I grabbed the Emu Oil and filled the cut with it. It stopped bleeding instantly. He said it stopped hurting almost immediately. We continued to put the Awesome Hilltop Emu Oil on it and there was no scar.

Margie Duty

I have dealt with psoriasis all my life...and have tried everything from A to Z (home remedies & prescriptions) & nothing seemed to work. When I heard about Emu Oil, I thought, what do I have to lose. Within a few minutes the itching stopped. I was so excited. I have used Emu Oil for 4 weeks now and have noticed a major decrease in thickness & redness of the psoriasis. What a wonderful product.

Gwen Graham

Boy Age 17 - I have been taking prescription medication for the past 4 years for my acne and with little to no results. Since using Emu Oil, I have noticed a HUGE change in the appearance of my skin and acne reduction. My friends noticed the difference right away and now they all want some. Thank you.

Clint, OK

My first experience with Awesome Hilltop Emu Oil was with a severe sunburn I received after fishing on an overcast day. I did not think I would need sunscreen. Boy was I wrong, I was burnt to a crisp. I applied Emu Oil to my face and ears, in 6 or 7 minutes the burning was gone. I applied it again before bed, in the morning I was not even red, no blister or peeling. What a wonderful product.

Dick Speck 

I bought Awesome Comfort Rub in hopes that it would relieve pain in my back muscle that had been bothering me for several days. I had applied the Awesome Comfort Rub the first change I got and went to bed. The next morning I did not have any pain. I was so impressed that I gave it to my parents, who were suggesting that they may be getting old. My father is 79, and my mother, whom I am not allowed to give her age, used the product. My father used the product on various muscles and as extremely impressed. My mother, who has been wearing a brace on her thumb for two years, used the product twice in one day and has not had to use the brace since. I came back to get Awesome Comfort Rub for myself and to make sure that we do not run out.


Sand Springs, OK

Awesome is too tame of a word for these products. I first started using Emu Oil on a lark and because I kept seeing the pictures of the burn patient all around town. I thought that I would just keep it on hand for burns. I use Emu Oil on my husband's Rosacea, which has completely cleared after 3 uses, on my aging dry skin that has become softer and has more elasticity. Last week, I started using the emu oil and my gums have stopped bleeding and my teeth have stopped hurting and are becoming pinker and more natural looking instead of red and sore. The Emu Oil I also use on my feet, especially the heels and they're no longer dry, chapped and scaly but soft and now I can show them off in sandals this summer. I've used it on burns, cuts, dry scalp, etc. and keep finding new ways to use the products.

Maryann Griffith


Miss Central Oklahoma's statement on Emu Oil for acne - As a beauty pageant contestant, it is very important to have and maintain clear skin. I have tried prescription creams and other ointments, but have never achieved the results that Emu Oil has given me. I'm very happy to have finally found something that actually works.

Lacie Marie Potts 

Before & After

Eczema Lesion


An elderly woman with severe eczema on her face. Note: She had been treated for approximately eight weeks by a physician with conventional type therapy (cortisone, antibiotics, IV, oral). All precocious medications were discontinued. 


Eczema lesion after on week of pure emu oil application. 


Eczema lesion after three weeks of therapy using pure emu oil.

Gravel Abrasion


The gravel abrasion obtained by a young man in a motorcycle accident. The area was cleaned, debrided, and only pure emu oil was applied with an occlusive dressing.  


The lesion one week later. The lesion three weeks later was completely healed.