About Us



When Walter was about to retire from his 40-year career as a chemist, we began looking for something to do that would take us to the country to live. We found the information on the emu industry. In 1993, we purchased four chicks and have had as many as 150 birds. Our whole family is involved in the operation. We have moved from Made in Oklahoma to our farm in Claremore, on a beautiful 40-acre ranch.

Little did we know how involved we would become. Walter has been president for the Zone 6, on the board of the Oklahoma Emu Association, on the board of the American Emu Associaton. Wanda has worked with the Zone 6 OK group. We are currently active and keep up with the current medical research on the meat and emu oil by being members of the AEA and attend the annual conventions.

Wanda has been an Image Consultant for 30 years and with Walter's background as a chemist, we have developed a complete emu oil line. We realized we couldn't grow by ourselves, so we have several distributors.